A Guide To Fitted Wardrobes For Loft Conversions

A rising trend in nowadays is to convert a loft into a bedroom. People always want to utilize all of the spaces in their rooms and also they want to follow the trend. Whether you want to follow the trend, or it’s for your growing family or you want to convert your bedroom into a loft for yourself, it is always a great idea.

But lofts are often large spaces. Sometimes people don’t use that much space apart from the festival decorations. But if it is to be used only during the festivals then it is a proper wastage. While planning a loft conversion, you need to think about the storage. You have to utilize the space and make the most of every millimeter. Apart from utilizing the space, the wardrobes have to be trendy and sophisticated as well.

There are two different kinds of wardrobes. Whether you go for a sloping back wardrobe or the one with angled sides, that depends on the space of your room and on your choice too.

Fitted wardrobes with sloping backs:-

People who do not want to compromise on heights, and want to store up everything in a neat, clean, and organized way, might end up for these wardrobes with sloping backs. These wardrobes are generally lower than normal, so people generally don’t go for double railings here. Single railings and drawers are mostly fitted for these kinds of wardrobes.

Fitted wardrobes with angled sides :

These kinds of wardrobes are more popular, as they are taller. These wardrobes give a very fancy and sophisticated look and it has a better storage space with double hanging rail and higher shelving.

In these wardrobes, the doors are cut at an angle and look very sophisticated. You can also opt for more drawers or shelves which will be hidden. Alcove wardrobes are also quite popular nowadays. Many people put a dressing table in their wardrobes so that the space is properly used.

Even if you don’t want to go for these designs, you can measure your room and think about the designs to create your perfect dream-fitted wardrobes.

Making the most of your eaves:-

Sometimes there is space on the eaves but it is not big enough to create wardrobes. In that case, we always suggest going for shelves or drawers. It will take lesser space, will be matched with your fitted wardrobes and you can fully utilize it.

Other things which you should consider:-

When you want to create your dream fitted wardrobes, it’s not only the wardrobes that you should think about. Many other things should be taken into consideration. Power, ventilation, light from windows, and skylights will be responsible for a better-looking fitted wardrobe.

But if you don’t want to create skylights in your room, you can put dormer windows. It works as a skylight, and these are easier to put. These have walls and a roof in addition to the glass window.

Some other things have been trendy nowadays. Many people opt to have a suite bathroom in addition to their loft conversions. They look amazing and sophisticated as well.

Even if you have any kind of measurements problem about your bedroom, or you are confused about what to choose. You can contact our experts who will help you to choose the best-fitted wardrobes for your bedroom.

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