Bespoke Loft Wardrobes in London

When choosing Bespoke Wardrobes in London, we should consider several facts before making a final decision, otherwise, it might turn into an unpleasant dream. There are so many materials, styles, and finishes available that we might feel confused. Mr. Wardrobe helps you to navigate through the material finishes and more.

Mr. Wardrobe specializes in visualizing, designing, and manufacturing an entire range of fitted loft room furniture despite the shape, size, and materials of one’s bedroom, and it’s more about clients’ feelings and emotions.

Fixtures and furnishes in your new loft wardrobes

Mr. Wardrobe provides you with customized loft space and wardrobes according to one’s storage requirements within a few days, so one can avoid buying extra furniture or chests of drawers, which is another investment. We specialize in converting a small bedroom into a loft conversion with a premium look that still appears to have a substantial amount of bedroom space.

Initially, a technician will visit the site to survey and design. Dimensions will be measured to understand the room space. Thereafter, the designer takes confirmation regarding size, colours, materials, and accessories. Once the wardrobe is manufactured, the team arrives at the location for installation with all the safety.

A simple or luxurious wardrobe and loft are very economical. They will increase the space and functionality of the house by 20 percent. We make the best fit according to the customer’s requirements with the best quality wood, so everything can be organized easily.

Creative ideas from Mr. Wardrobes

At Mr. Wardrobes, we have a very great number of ideas to change any space on the top of your home in the capital with intelligently designed and installed loft wardrobes. As each attic conversion is different with a unique look and character so will be the wardrobes that are meant to be there. Our focus is to provide comfort and a stylish look with minimal usage of space. We have a wide range of collections of construction materials, including MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard), solid wood, MDF, a large range of painted and stained glass, tinted glass, mirrors, fabrics, and real leather. Mr. Wardrobes provides world-class branded products from manufacturers as we never compromise on quality.

How we work


Our best designer or technician gets assigned to visit the customer on-site to understand the dimensions, collect the measurements, and listen to the customer’s requirements and wishes for the perfect creation and we provide an approximate design.


We present the demonstration of our ideas, and together we draw the technical drawing, expressing the possibility of changing the colours, design nuances, or materials and fittings after the survey.

Once the customer is satisfied with the design that matches their dreams, the next step is to take the measurements taken by our technicians and engineers.


The final part is the installation process. After an order is placed, the making of your Bespoke Wardrobes in London starts and is prepared for installation, which is the final stage where everything is double-checked.

We also provide an after-work service where we happily provide a warranty period for all our wardrobes and lofts. With the experience and the valuable feedback from our customers, we are certain that our Bespoke wardrobes will exceed years and provide a lifetime of use.

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A London bedroom adorned with a large mirror and a bespoke dresser, curated by Mr Wardrobe.