our vision

An exclusive bespoke furniture service driven by passion to create visually pleasing and functional spaces.

Mr Wardrobe was founded in 2012. The concept was to combine cultural craftsmanship techniques with modern technology to produce joinery pieces that not only to provide storage, but also to make a style statement. A former carpentry business over the past decade, Mr Wardrobe, has become a leading brand for luxurious wardrobes and home storage solutions. Based in London, we provide tailor-made design, manufacturing, and installation services across the UK.

The design

Since the birth of our first ever joinery piece in 2012, Mr wardrobe has evolved to create “one of a kind” designs that challenged and reshaped the perception of contemporary cabinetry.

Our Brand designs are the result of a long study of human nature, knowledge of the craft and passion to create something authentic. From the  initial consultation to selecting the materials and developing the 3d visuals, our aim is to collaboratively achieve innovative, practical, and unique joinery solutions that are built to last.

exclusive finishes

While creating pleasant environments, it’s important to have a deep understanding of how different materials affect our emotion and overall well being. To elevate any space to its maximum possible potential, there needs to be the right amount of lighting, soothing natural surfaces, and technically advanced mechanisms for seamless operations.

Our wide range of materials include natural or painted wood finishes, melamine boards, stones, metals, fabrics, and glass, which are sourced from naturally sustainable resources across the world.


Designs come to life at our west London workshop where every piece of furniture is being crafted using modern woodworking machinery by our master artisans. A single order may pass along different hands of skilled joiners, metalworkers, glaziers, upholsterers, painters, and polishers, just to name a few.

Once an order is complete, its ready to be delivered and installed by our in-house installation teams. They are the master carpenters with years of on-site experience who carefully assemble all  the pieces together and complete the final ritual of making our creation one with its surrounding space.

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