Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas and Designs

A well organised, spacious closet is a dream for many people. In this age of personalisation and customisation people tend to design their own closet- something which reflects their own personality, is efficient, accessible and smart in space management and something which complements as well as supplements their interior décor. So, we at Mr. Wardrobe are here to assist you in this process of customisation by listing out our favourite closet idea, that is, a Walk in Wardrobes London.

These types of closets are a complete package in themselves. They are great for people who like to classify their belongings- they can be built up to provide separate and unique spaces for storing clothes, accessories and linen.

  • A dark walk in closet can act as a beautiful contrast against light shaded interiors and vice versa. They add a touch of much needed glamour and glitter in our storage space. A carefully and smartly designed walk in closet can take optimum care of our storage requirements.
  • If you are not very fond of old school walk in closets with a lot of sub closets and pull out drawers you can easily customise your walk in closet just the way you like it. We can, with the help of our technical experts, provide you with the perfect contemporary mix of space, smartness and style.
  • That walk in closets requires a lot of space is a myth. Surprisingly, an efficiently constructed walk in closet can take up less space than a standard stand alone closet- it is at the same time efficient in saving space and looks fantastic.
  • A contemporary designed customized modular walk in closet can store any amount of stuff in a categorical and organized way and still leave some space behind. It can easily fit any interior theme with proficiency.
  • Some people might not like the idea of dedicating a whole separate space for setting up a closet. In such cases, a walk in closet can be modified to be set up in a lobby or a similar area without any pull out drawers or sliding doors to provide you with additional space while you are getting ready.
  • A walk in closet with provisions of sliding and hinged doors allows you the optimum use of space as it provides a lot of storage space without actually being bulky.
  • A simple space saving walk in wardrobe can be designed to be multi functional so that they can afford additional features. They can be traditional to look at but can provide contemporary performance.
  • A walk in closet with parallel open cabinets as well as drawers to store jewellery, bags and other accessories can transport you to another world.
  • A walk in closet accompanied with a bathroom can save a lot of your time as well as save space. It can fit anywhere and its beautiful construction enables you to store everything in order.

A Walk in Wardrobes London with sliding glass doors is a whole new level of organization, management, fashion and contemporary trend.

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