Choosing The Material And Finish Of Your Fitted Wardrobes 

Once you have settled with the designs and the perfect space for your fitted wardrobe, you need to focus on the materials and finish of the same. How can let go off the aesthetics when it comes to adding fitted wardrobes in London? Getting the perfect material will ensure top-notch finish of your wardrobe!

Are you ready to check out the simple steps that will help you in selecting the best materials for your wardrobe. Make sure you do not miss out on reading this blog! This will be your ultimate guide to learning about the best wardrobe materials.

Top 5 Materials And Finish To Look For Your Latest Fitted Wardrobe

  • Veneer:

If you want to get something cozy and similar to solid wood, but have a limited budget, then the veneer is the right material for you! These sheets are glued to the particleboard or MDF and are thin slices of natural wood.

You can get huge variations in this material since the boards are made from natural materials and differ from each other. These sheets will give the exact finish like solid wood to your fitted wardrobes in London! Consider re-polishing the material to maintain a good look on the surface.

  • Mirrored Shutters:

Are you looking to add functionality and style together? Then this category is the perfect match-made for you! With the mirrored shutters or mirror-fitted wardrobes from Mr. Wardrobe, you will have efficient space in your room.

Even if your space is small, this material will not disappoint you! This material works wonder for rooms with comparatively smaller spaces, where an extra dresser is a big “no”! For adding the touch of contemporary styles across your space, try this material and it won’t disappoint you!

  • Laminate:

If you go with laminates, you can get a wide range of options to choose from! There exist different themes, designs, colours, finishes, and so much more in laminates. You can opt for any kind of finish with laminates, be it matte, glossy, or even textured!

These are durable, cost-efficient, and can be easily maintained. And the bunches of options will steal your heart!

  • Solid Wood:

No other material can beat a classy and evergreen solid wood wardrobe. The designs provide warmth like no other and ads an elegant touch to your home! Their classy styles can never be outdated!

But since these are no longer viable and eco-friendly options, you will have to spend a decent budget to get one.

  • Transparent Glass:

If you like minimalistic designs, then transparent glasses might be your thing. You will get some amazing options for fitted wardrobes in London in this range. Your wardrobe will look spacious and light, which will spread a feel of openness across the room!

But, to maintain this material you need to maintain an excessive clean environment. And you will also need to manage the items inside the wardrobe in proper manner, so that it maintains the elegance!

With Mr. Wardrobe, get the best fitted wardrobes in London in your preferred material choices. We make sure that our customers are satisfied and that they are served with eh top-notch products!

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