How To Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

Are you looking forward to install sliding wardrobe doors as well? Then your search might end here! With Mr. Wardrobe, you will get effective ranges of interior designing solutions, perfectly suited to your needs!  You will get different varieties in sliding wardrobe doors in London with us, which will match your requirements and choices.

You will get bunches of options in colors, sizes, designs, and textures that will amaze you. You can easily opt for integrated sliding wardrobe doors in London and enhance your space! Check out these steps if you need help installing sliding doors for your wardrobes.

Steps To Follow While Installing Sliding Doors For Wardrobe

Though the exact steps may vary in different cases, you can have an understanding of the installation with these basic points! You can never miss out on these steps while installing your sliding wardrobe doors in London. Let’s dive in to find out the basic steps so that you can know what not to miss out on for effective installation!

  • Make Space:

Before starting with the installation work, consider cleaning your room. Move out all the furniture from your room so that you make space for properly setting up the sliding doors.

  • Check Levels:

To get a better idea of installing the floor rails or wall stiles, check the walls and floors of your room.

  • MDF Batten:

Depending on the selection of the wardrobe, you need to fix a 25 mm MDF Batton to your floor. This will help you in ensuring that the fitting is up to the mark and does not limit the existing internal drawers.

  • Fixing The Rails:

As it is a sliding door, you need to fix the rails first for effective installation. Make sure to fix the bottom rail with all the good edges in the front, the back edge of the floor rail, and then level up these rails with the help of proper packers over the MDF Batten! Do not forget to check that the width of the floor rail same and it settles well in the floor.

  • Fix The Batten:

After checking, fix all the blocks to the wall batten, by making sure that it is upright.  After that, place all the L-shaped brackets with the floor rails and tightly fix the end panels.

  • Scribing:

You can use a scribing guide tool to make sure that you get the proper moulding for installing sliding wardrobe doors in London!

  • Fit The Shelves:

Apart from the sliding door, you also need to fit the internal shelves.

There are tons of other steps included while installing a sliding wardrobe door. However, if you feel it is a tough and daunting task, hire an expert to help you with the same. With Mr. Wardrobe, you will get a huge variety and the best options for sliding wardrobe doors in London. These doors will make your space look more elegant and add an aesthetic touch. In addition, if you have less space, it will solve the same too, because sliding doors comparatively take up less storage and are more efficient!

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