3 Reasons Why Storage is The Best Gift of The Season

Wardrobes have always been a staple in most home, with their designs and specific functions having changed over time. Often a symbol of luxury, their features can order the chaos of your bedroom. This is especially true if you are a middle-class family-man who seeks to better the ventilation of his room and wardrobe, and find a proper and affordable way to house his clothes without making a mess. They not only increase the inherent value that your house has but bring a new, sophisticated aura to your house.

Feel like helping your friend redecorate? Do you want to provide him something that lasts through thick and thin, and thereby emerge as a metaphor for your friendship? Do not worry… following are few of the ways a walk-in wardrobe can serve as the best gift of this season, nay, the year!

1. Increase floor space, customize it as per your wish, make economical use of space, care for your clothes and make the quality of ambience go up!

Debating on where you can keep your jewellery, clothes and other items you need or want? A walk-in wardrobe will help you accomplish it, and sufficient space is provided for the same. When you are getting ready, such a wardrobe will also increase efficiency especially if you are in a hurry to get ready. Do you often go on a shopping spree? Do you often find yourself checking out a really cute piece of wear that you cannot help but get, and then you return to find you have more of that same item? Do not worry. A walk-in storage helps because the Kon Mari way will enable you to store similar items in a place with a full amount of visibility.

Furthermore, walk-in wardrobes offer you more space to walk in and increase the practicality of your life style. Feel free to introduce laundry-sorting areas as well as dressing space. A walk-in wardrobe can even fit large benches of the island-kind variety. There may be spaces where one can iron. Fold your clothes, get a drawer or draw upon even some extra shelving space! Glamorous dressing and makeup area can be completed to perfection with the finish of large mirrors. You may even want to improve the lighting of your wardrobe as well as the ambience. Of course, some of these inclusions may be a little expensive but that can go both ways – especially if an increased market value for your home is something you are looking for with regards to future prospects for renting, selling and refinancing. You can find a more personal and private space of comfort.

2. Make full use of potential storage opportunities and customize it.

Furthermore, if you have a room that you feel is tiny, adding a host of mirrors placed at different angles would help, to not only make it appear bigger, but also check out your outfit from different angles. Prevent moulds growth as well as mildew through better ventilation as well as extra hanging space. Such space allows your clothes to be freer and reduces the number of creases. That lessens the need for ironing, prevents clothes from becoming dusty, especially when your wardrobe comes with different sides as well as tops and backs. You may also want to include a dressing table or a dressing island – make your wardrobe as magical as Narnia right from the comfort of your own home! Even better, showcase your favourite for any and every visitor who may visit, plus you may also be able to use any awkward and redundant space you have. This is already true for a regular wardrobe but even more so for a walk-in storage wardrobe as it can help make optimum use of the space that is already available to you which prevents the necessity of having a smaller piece of storage filled to the brim with your shopping choices! Furthermore, extend into the loft above! The possibilities are limitless.

3. Of course, who would not want to save money on furniture – and spend it on more items to adorn said furniture with?

The facts mentioned above actually help in making your walk-in wardrobe a cheaper alternative to a regular one. This definitely sounds counter-intuitive and paradoxical – but with the possibility of having a wardrobe without extra door costs, they are better. Furthermore, the structural work that you may need to install such wardrobes is lessened especially as they can fit into unused space into your house. It definitely does sound cheaper to tap into existing dead spaces hiding behind your plaster boards rather than getting a new piece of furniture, doesn’t it?

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