5 Reasons Why Fitted Wardrobes Are Hot Right Now!

Is your closet bursting to the seams with clothes? In a sea of clothing, can you ever find something to wear? Are you continually going through your closet in search of a certain item only to discover it in a crumpled heap? Freestanding wardrobes exacerbate the situation by wasting space and limiting customization options.

Built-in closets constructed bespoke for your house are the smartest (and most stylish) method to maximise your bedroom storage. They quickly add extra room (up to three times more in certain circumstances) and come in a wide range of sizes and finishes to please any interior designer.

  1. More Space: You’ll see spaces above and to the side of your present standalone wardrobes, which is a terrible waste of space. This gap is not simply a dust magnet, but it’s also incredibly enticing to pack things on top of it or down the sides.

Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, are custom-made to accommodate the entire height of your bedroom. A fitted wardrobe may transform even the smallest space (such as an attic room or one with modest alcoves) into a stylish area to keep all your possessions.

2. Adding Value to your Home: Although spending money on fitted wardrobes may seem like a significant investment (particularly because you can’t take them with you when you move), most estate agents will tell you that potential buyers adore them. Fitted wardrobes, in fact, will increase the value of your property when you want to sell it, especially if you reside in an inner-city region where storage, is a premium. If you want to make things easy, choose a business that will oversee the project from start to finish, as well as assist with design and installation. This can help you prevent costly mistakes and stress.

3. Endless Style Options: There are practically hundreds of design alternatives when it comes to you fitted wardrobes! When it

4. comes to fronts, colours, and finishes, you may let your creativity go wild. There is a fitted wardrobe style for everyone, whether you like a rural vibe or sleek modern lines. One thing to consider is choosing a design that seems timeless to you, since your new fitted wardrobes will be a permanent presence in your house. Because it’s such a significant investment, you’ll want your new furniture to compliment your present room concept while also remaining adaptable to future trends. One method to accomplish this is to ensure that you can quickly paint the fronts, change the knobs, or replace the doors when the time comes.

5. Space Saving Options: Choose sliding or bi-fold doors if you’re low on space. Why? Because they don’t require as much space to completely expand. Another space-saving tip is to use mirrored door fronts, which give the impression of more space, bounce light throughout the room, and provide a full-length mirror without taking up valuable floorspace. To make the most of your space if you have high ceilings, have your wardrobes built to the very top. Make the most of your fitted wardrobes.

6. Clever Internal space: Your wardrobes inside design is equally as significant as its outer appearance. Consider how you keep your clothing and how much room you’ll require in your new wardrobes. If you now fold your jeans but desire to hang them, request a large amount of hanging space. You’ll need interior shelves to store your sweaters if you’re a sweater collector. Do you want drawers or hooks to keep your jewellery if you have a huge collection? Also, shoes! Shoes aren’t to be overlooked! Internal mirrors, dressing tables, hairdryer plug connections, and mirrors may all be added to your fitted wardrobes to make them work even harder for you. There are a plethora of internal alternatives.

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A London bedroom adorned with a large mirror and a bespoke dresser, curated by Mr Wardrobe.