6 Benefits of Choosing a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

As a wardrobe is such an important piece of furniture in any bedroom, the design you pick is crucial. Perhaps you’re a new homeowner looking for bedroom furniture, or perhaps you’ve outgrown your present wardrobe and your belongings are strewn around your room or hung over a chair? Is it just time to spruce up your living area and pamper yourself?

Whatever your motive for purchasing a new wardrobe, understanding how much room you have is critical to the process. You may start thinking about what style you want once you know where it needs to go.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re trying to decide between freestanding wardrobes and custom fitted wardrobes. Here are the top reasons why homeowners seeking for new bedroom closets should go for bespoke fitted wardrobe tailored to them.

1. More Storage Space: Freestanding wardrobes leave vacant space, such as space up to the ceiling or gaps on either side of where it’s located, that might be utilized as additional storage. Bespoke bedroom wardrobes, on the other hand, are specifically created to maximise space by maximising every inch of available space. Custom wardrobes are designed to fit wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, ensuring a flawless fit every time. It’s simple to create your own using our design service.

2. Organization: Another advantage of bespoke wardrobes is that they are made to provide the user the maximum freedom. In fact, you may customise it to meet your own demands in order to keep everything in order.

All of the rails and shelves may be modified and moved to meet your specific organisational needs. Flexible interiors are extremely adaptable, allowing you to create a home for anything from your clothing and shoes to your luggage and bedding. Shelves and railings may be moved around, and extra shelf and hanger bars can be installed as needed. In comparison, most standalone furniture does not provide this amount of adjustability.

3. Customizable Design: It will take a lot of time and effort to locate a good match for your house when you go to the market to buy pre-assembled furniture. You won’t be limited in your options with a tailor fitted wardrobe. Finding the appropriate piece of freestanding and pre-assembled furniture might take some time. It must be the appropriate size and type, and you must confirm that it will fit through your doorways and stairwell before installing it. All of these problems are answered with fitted bedroom furniture that can be readily installed at home! You may also select from a variety of board materials and glass colors to ensure that your new bespoke wardrobe is precisely what you desire. Whether you want a glass sliding closet, a walk-in wardrobe, or a brilliant feature wall, this gives you creative flexibility. It’s entirely up to you!

4. Solutions for Awkward Places: Standard storage solutions only ever give a near fit and style match, however made to measure furniture is constructed to your exact specifications, allowing you to build a wardrobe to fit even the most odd of areas. You can still make a wardrobe that fits if you have sloping eaves, alcoves, or a corner area. When you pick furniture with sliding doors, you may put it in small spaces where typical open-and-close doors aren’t possible.

Our fitted furniture at Slide Wardrobes Direct is not just stylish and high-quality. It’s also designed to be simple to put together, so any consumer may do it themselves at home. We guarantee that DIY installation will not be a difficult process because to our exceptional customer service, informative manuals, and customer support line!

5. Good Investment: Bespoke fitted wardrobe are developed and produced on-site by trained craftsmen in our East Midlands facilities at a full-service wardrobe company like Slide Wardrobes Direct. This implies that each order is subjected to severe quality controls to ensure the highest level of quality. As a result, our built-in bedroom wardrobes are not only beautiful, but they are also constructed to last. As a result, they are a good investment for any homeowner.

6. Flexibility of budget: Finally, bespoke design is not as costly as you may believe. Instead, you may set a budget and create a wardrobe that meets your storage needs while staying inside that budget.

Because this is a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe design, you may make whatever changes you wish to suit your needs and budget.

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