7 Clever Loft Walk In Wardrobe Ideas You Need To See

Walk in wardrobes can be a really impressive thing specially for a loft. Walk in wardrobe in London in a loft would turn out to be grand covering the difficult angles of the loft with sloping ceilings along with a wide open space. Your loft can turn out to be the perfect canvas for drawing out an amazing walk in wardrobe giving it the looks of all shapes and sizes.

If you also want to give your loft or attic a new look you can for a complete bespoke walk in wardrobe that will be made taking into consideration hour space and the shape of your loft. What’s great with bespoke wardrobes is that you get all the unique and new looks all to yourself. If you are worrying on how to design your bespoke walk in wardrobe or get your loft the accurate wardrobe, then Mr. Wardrobe has got you covered. Here are the 7 most clever and inspiring ideas for your loft that you need to see-

1. Utilise the space available: The main motive of adopting bespoke wardrobes london or custom made wardrobes is to fit and install the wardrobes in your space so that not a single inch of space is wasted. Making your wardrobe start straight from the ceiling to the floor gives you all the space under your control. You can put in hanging rails, built in drawers, and different cabinets for different purposes as per your needs. Walk in wardrobes are open plan and there are no doors so it’s more easily accessible. Putting a chest of drawers at the corner of the loft can make it definitely look more cosy and attractive.

2. Different compartments for different purposes: Instead of having big and fewer compartments it is always advisable to have smaller but comparatively more number of compartments. It can keep your wardrobe well organised. You can even have different sizes of compartments or cabinets for different purposes and needs. While changing your loft with a walk in wardrobe make sure to leave space for a little window so that  sufficient natural light can flow in.

3. Get a built-in seating corner: Imagine having an armchair in the walk in wardrobe, where you can throw clothes when you are deciding the right outfit for a date, or where you can hide yourself while reading a book. Having a built in seating in the corner can always be a comfy and cool idea for a loft conversion. If you have got the space, go for it!

4. Sloping ceilings can have diagonal hanging rails: Make a wise use of the awkward angles of your loft and those sloping ceilings with diagonal hanging rails. Never thought of hanging your clothes sideways? Well you can give it a try now! The loft walk in wardrobes gives you a chance to think differently and make use of the space available in the most unique and awesome way. Maximising the space available with difficult angles and ceilings can get you caught but experimenting new techniques like diagonal hanging rails can never go wrong.

5. Walk in wardrobe in a walkway: Break the norms! Why just have a wardrobe inside a room when you can have it anywhere. Make a better use of your loft conversion space and fit your walk in wardrobe around a walkway or between two rooms. This way you can make use of the plain walls and get that extra space for storage. Simply get a bespoke wardrobe in the walkway space and if you have quite a bigger walkway you can no doubt enjoy a walk in wardrobe out there.

6. Ignore the doors, keep your wardrobe open: Installing a bespoke wardrobe of full length from the ceiling can end up leaving your loft looking even smaller and short. However, keeping the wardrobes open allowing easy access to wardrobe units, rails can make it look wide and spacious. Keeping it all open makes the wardrobe easily accessible and is even low cost.

We try to give shape to your walk-in wardrobe elegant dreams. With the help of our extremely efficient artisans, we create wardrobes according to the space and need of your place. Be it a bedroom, or a living room, our walk-in wardrobes in London will enhance the elegance of your place along with being a complete necessity to keep your things organized.

Make the best use of your space with our Italian- based wardrobes. They come in all themes and shapes. Worrying about your budget? We have a solution for that too. Whatever your budget is, we have Walk-in Wardrobes in London  for every type of budget. So hurry and consult our team without worrying about anything and create your dream interior with us.

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