Are You Aware Of These 3 Things Before Buying A Walk-In Wardrobe?

Why settle for a simple wardrobe when you could have an incredible Walk-in wardrobe? Mr. Wardrobe brings you a wide range of stunning walk-in wardrobes in London. This wardrobe has a great spacious area to store your things and to keep your things organized. This company not only provides you with ample spaced fitted walk-in wardrobe in London but also a dressing area.

The extraordinary range of walk-in wardrobes enables you to maximize your storage area, and also design a beautiful and sophisticated wardrobe that suits your lifestyle.

1. What Is The Minimum Size For A Walk-in Wardrobe?

The average size of a Walk-in wardrobes in London ranges from 1.5 m to 2.5 m. This is the ideal size for the ones who already have a house but are now deciding to denote some space for the clothing. If you have enough space and a good budget then you can get your dream wardrobe by Mr. Wardrobe with great experience and expertise. If you want your ideal wardrobe you need to maximize space for your fitted walk-in wardrobe in London.

2. What Will Be The Best Material For Shelf?

If you are looking for a good as well as long-lasting material that will suit your wardrobe shelf then Solid Wood will be an excellent choice. You can also go for Poplar trim, it can be fixed and you can also paint it to give it a complete look. The other option of the combination of cherry and maple will be most easier one to cut and refinish. It will give your interior design a stunning look. Birch is the most amazing wood for your shelf, and painting it with bright colors will give your wardrobe a sophisticated look.

3. Which Door Type Will Be The Best Option?

You can opt for any door type, but if you want to choose the type that suits your style, then go for the following options:-


Applying a transparent door to your wardrobe gives it a modern look. You can go for a classic glossy white color which enables the clothes to reflect but hide your belongings.

Hinged door:

This type of door is a little older version to apply. This gives your wardrobe a simple look and it is under budget. This type of door is generally used for hanging accessories and clothes as it has additional space for clothes.

Sliding doors:

This type of door maintains space and can be decorated according to you. They are very impressive but they need extra care and maintenance. These doors are common and easy to handle. They give your wardrobe a completely impressive look.


If you want to keep your closet open but want to hide your belongings then curtains will be the best option. This type of door is uncommon. This will be an ideal option for those who want their closet to be organized and with no additional shelves.

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