Glass Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Home

Our home and more specifically our bedrooms are our poetic spaces where we relax, think, and spend a lot of time with ourselves and our loved ones and thus this place demands special attention for organization and planning. The spatial organization of your bedroom starts with planning to fit in a perfect wardrobe that will enhance the overall aesthetics of your room. Along with Wood and fiber, glass wardrobes have caught considerable attention. They grabbed the market because of their exquisite designs and automatically add elegance to the whole room, making décor look light and contemporary, the glass surface reflects light all around the room making it lively and full of sun, also there exists an option to paint glass which indeed looks aesthetically decorative. Besides their fragility and need for regular attention for cleaning they can provide a new life to your dull and dim room. Here are a few ideas and designs as to how to build your glass wardrobe, giving it a cool and contemporary look:

Booth shaped glass wardrobe:

A booth-shaped glass wardrobe possesses a classic charm as it is built in the shape of a telephone booth which looks excessively stylish in the middle of a spacious twin bedroom as well as adds a new dimension to it.

Loft style glass wardrobe:

This is a walk-in wardrobe that gives you a glimpse of your outfit even while you are lying on your bed. Super organized and functional, these floor-to-ceiling fitted glass doors enclose custom-designed shelving and drawers which can be chosen for several varieties of outfits and are excessively spacious.

Wardrobe with partial glass panel:

If you are reluctant to share your privacy then you wouldn’t be very fond of constructing the entire wardrobe with glass. However, you can opt for a wardrobe style that has a sliding shutter made of glass just in the middle, which would bring in a very impactful and striking visual effect.

Combination of the mirror and etched glass:

Combining mirror and etched glass is an excellent idea as it would reflect light and mirrors as we know in particular makes the room appear much bigger than usual. However, mirrors will additionally benefit you during putting up your outfit and getting ready for party, dinner, work or lunch.

Walk-in-wardrobes with transparent glass doors:

You can opt for glass shutters in your wardrobe that are completely transparent, as they would provide you an entire view of your wardrobe every single time you look at it. This will also ensure that the drawers and shelves of the wardrobe are meticulously arranged and organized every time as the entire space inside this model of glass wardrobe is completely visible.

U shaped glass walk-in-wardrobe:

If you are a shopaholic and is obsessed with different varies of outfits you might need a more spacious wardrobe you can opt for U-shaped walk-in glass wardrobe that has lights fitted inside. The glass doors of the wardrobe would be completely transparent and the contents of the wardrobe would be visible from outside thereby making it easy to choose while giving a small round. There could be lighting on all the shelves and you can also put on the lights that you wish to highlight specific sections of your wardrobe.

Painted glass wardrobes:

Glass shutters allow for a lot of experiments, like in the floral artwork done on one side of this wardrobe. Glass paintings look amazing themselves and the best idea would be to opt for a painted glass wardrobe that will enhance the entire view of the room.
Glass wardrobes with built-in bookshelves:

If you are bookworm shelves can be carved out for you to inhabit your favorite collections behind the transparent glasses of the wardrobe which will be visible from outside and make you feel that you owe some really expensive things.

Here are some additional tips that you should know before opting for glass wardrobes- square or rectangular glass panels are better than circular panels and are easy to fix and operate, glasses look sleek and stylish and mirrors, in particular, make the room dazzling bright and provide your room an entirely different look.

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