Bespoke Sliding Door Wardrobe

Adding character and individuality to any space, our wardrobe designs cater for all shapes, sizes and budgets. Mr. Wardrobe makes Bespoke Sliding Door Wardrobe to measure in the bedroom, attic or loft. Whatever your budget or style you can be assured that each wardrobe we create is made to measure using only the highest quality materials so that it fits well and works flawlessly.

Individual and distinctive, our made to measure sliding door wardrobes are designed to coordinate with your style, taste and above all needs. We aim to create a wardrobe that is functional, making the most of every inch of storage space and maximising space in smaller rooms.

We believe that every wardrobe is a reflection of the person who lives in it. That’s why, whether you’re looking to kit out a bedroom or an entire house, Mr. Wardrobe can help you create something that is uniquely yours.

Get A Tailor-Made Sliding Wardrobe

Imagine a wardrobe that was designed just for you. Where all your clothes would always be there, neatly organised and accessible to wear. No more digging around in laundry baskets or piles on the floor.

What makes a wardrobe unique? At Mr. Wardrobe, it’s not just the design and high quality of construction. Every wardrobe is bespoke. It is all about our clients, their preferences, and very often their emotions and feelings of comfort. Our approach to wardrobes is to make them as ergonomic as possible so the customer feels very relaxed when using our wardrobes. The result is a unique design that fits perfectly into your room, and every wardrobe is bespoke.

That perfect Sliding Door Wardrobe for your Room

Our fitted sliding door wardrobes, hinged door wardrobes, corner fitted wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes and loft fitted wardrobes are perfect for any sized room. We manufacture them to fit your home’s dimensions with a choice of sliding doors, hinged doors or both. Choose from our many different styles – Traditional Classic Italian design to Modern Contemporary design.

With a wide range of wardrobes to choose from, and with options that can be changed to suit your individual needs, you will be able to create a wardrobe which is as unique as you are. Imagine a wardrobe that can be opened and closed with the utmost ease. Open it to reveal a wonderland of beautifully tailored hanging space and smooth sliding drawers – all perfectly organised so you can find what you’re looking for in an instant.

Our wardrobes come as standard with a host of extra features including sliding doors, built in shoe racks and power rails. Made to measure, our sliding wardrobe doors are designed to fit seamlessly into your home, maximising space and boosting storage. Sliding door wardrobes allow you to have a full-height wardrobe without taking up valuable floor space. They give you more room to walk around inside, ideal for homes with small rooms and limited headspace.


Our sliding door wardrobes provide a stylish, practical and affordable way of organising your wardrobe. They are designed to fit in any corner or awkward space in your room and fit perfectly with all the other furniture. Our sliding door wardrobes are made to measure so they can be tailored to suit the shape, size and style of your room, giving you the perfect bespoke sliding door wardrobe.

Give your room a perfectly personal touch with our bespoke sliding door wardrobe. Made with the highest level of craftsmanship, Mr. Wardrobe offers sliding wardrobes that can fit any corner and awkward space within your house. With a wide range of styles, colours and designs to choose from you can create something that is completely unique and suits your taste. To get your bespoke sliding door wardrobe get in touch with us!

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