Cost-Effective And Space-Saving Storage Solution

Sliding door wardrobes in London are a sleek, cost-effective and space-saving storage solution in contemporary homes.  Besides these, they can be customised depending on your needs, usage and convenience.

We have covered everything that you need to know about sliding door wardrobes in London and this list also includes all the top sliding door wardrobe designs in London that can help you design your home right away.

How Does a Sliding Door Wardrobe Work?

A Sliding door wardrobe slide from side to side; the sliding doors shift effortlessly on roller wheels along specific channels that are fixed on either side of the wardrobe. Some sliding door wardrobe comes with a vertical slider mechanism where both the doors slide open at the same time. There are also wardrobes with collapsible sliding doors- they fold to one side like an accordion.

Advantages of Sliding Door Wardrobes in London

  • They do not take up any extra space or get in your way when you need to open them. So, they are perfect for compact spaces, and, in spacious rooms as well.
  • Sliding door wardrobes tend to be larger and leaves you with more storage space for your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories.
  • They are more stable as they are not dependent on hinges to hold up the doors.
  • A mirrored sliding door wardrobe containing a mirror in the front help in making your room look larger.
  • They come in a variety of designs that can be matched with the décor of your room. You can have them made in blockboard, MDF, opaque or frosted glass, or veneer, with a mirror or without, and in many other ways.

Trending Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs in London

These are some of the time tested yet trendiest sliding door wardrobe designs in London

Mix your Materials

You can customise your sliding door wardrobe by mixing up wood and other materials in various shapes and patterns. A mix of patterns adds a unique personalised effect to the design.

Add Mirror and Patterns:

You can add mirror patterns on the sliding doors of your wardrobe. These add a beautiful effect to the room and makes the space look bigger.

Mirrored Doors

A sliding door wardrobe with a completely mirrored door can make your room look more spacious and brighter.

Black Glass Door

Black glass door wardrobes instantly adds grandeur to your room and are the perfect addition to an industrial themed room.

Transparent Sliding Doors

If you are a fashion enthusiast and love to  show off all your clothes, footwear and accessories, these transparent glass sliding doors can efficiently and effectively serve your purpose.

Bright Hues

A sliding door wardrobe in a bright colours with wooden trim can help you to bring in a splash of your favourite colour in the space.

Bold Patterns

Some bold patterns on the wardrobe doors can bring the wardrobe design in harmony with the rest of the decor and space.

Beautiful Decals

One can also customize the sliding doors of your wardrobes with some beautiful decals to add an element of embellishment to the surrounding space.

Bring in the Fabric

You can design the sliding doors of your wardrobe with stylish fabric- like silk and organza- sandwiched between the glass panes.

Patterned Glass Doors

Patterned glass doors are a trending option, especially for the room of a teenager or a guest room.

As you pick your favourite design, get help from our experts at Mr Wardrobe in designing the perfect storage solutions in your home. You can get in touch with us right away!

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