How Fitted Wardrobes Can Create Your Dream Bedroom

Wardrobes take up the most space in a bedroom and so it is important to design or purchase wardrobes that serve our purpose but also add to the aesthetics of the room. We went to the wardrobe and design experts from Mr Wardrobe, fitted wardrobes providers in London who provides complete wardrobe solutions, to help us with the finer details.

Built-in or fitted wardrobes are customized to fit into a niche or alcove. Here, the shutters are in line with the wall and these structures cannot be moved. So, they are low-maintenance and also save a lot of space.

There are two key factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing materials:

  • The shutter panels are much longer than those of kitchen cabinets. So, warping and bending is a very real possibilities and you need to choose accordingly.
  • Wardrobes are not usually located in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms so you do not need to worry much about water resistance. However, high levels of humidity in the air can cause swelling.

Engineered wood, boiling water-resistant (BWR) grade plywood, HDF or high-density fiberboard, MDF or medium density fibreboard, and plywood are the most popular materials used to make wardrobes.

Plywood and BWR are water-resistant and work best for areas that see high moisture content. As these materials are on the heavier side, they should ideally be used on the internal structure and not the shutters to lessen the load on the channels or hinges.

HDF is an ideal material to use for the shutters and is also great for the internal structure for areas that don’t see high moisture.

MDF boards are made by combining wood fibres with wax and a resin binder and forming panels using high temperature and pressure. Brands usually offer a wide variety of external finishes; Mr Wardrobe has 12 different kinds available in more than 200 shades ranging from matte to high gloss

Add-on features and accessories

Other than the functional storage requirements, Mr Wardrobe’s fitted wardrobes in London also come with highly useful add-on features. Consider options like sensor lighting as well as pull-out mechanisms like garment pull-outs, shoe pull-outs, and multi-purpose pull-out for jewelry and watches. Fitted wardrobes in London can also come fitted with iron racks, tie racks and pivoting mirrors.

Fitted  Wardrobe design tips in London

  • The use of a reflective finish or mirrors on the shutters will give the impression of a bigger space.
  • Light colors and finishes for the exterior work better in smaller bedrooms.
  • It is adding an ironing board that folds away or creating a small niche with a mirror and drawers that can be used as a dressing table that adds added functionality to your fitted wardrobe in London.
  • One can also tuck in a compact workstation within a niche in the wardrobe and add a pull-out table system for extra workspace.
  • You can use the entire height of the wall for extra storage.
  • Utilizing any awkward niches in the room layout can prove to be advantageous to you. These alcoves can be closed in with custom built-in cupboards to increase storage capacity.
  • You can also consider ‘wrapping’ the built-in wardrobe around the bedroom or bathroom door instead of closing off another wall to save floor and wall space.
  • The wardrobe can also be designed as an extension of the headboard, using the wall space above and around the bed. This design idea works wonders for kids and guests.
  • Sliding wardrobe doors don’t require extra clearance like hinge doors, making them a better option for smaller rooms.
  • With some clever planning, a wardrobe can also be used as a partition ‘wall’ which works best for small, open-plan spaces like studio apartments.

Final tips from the experts for fitted wardrobes in London

Some brands do not manufacture the wood so the company warranty offered only covers items like the hardware. Read the fine print carefully. Mr. Wardrobe warranties cover everything in the wardrobe from wood to hardware to accessories, carpets, shutters and finishing elements. The brand offers 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects, though accidental damage is not covered.

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A London bedroom adorned with a large mirror and a bespoke dresser, curated by Mr Wardrobe.