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Fitted wardrobe in London are a great way to enhance your space and become a meaningful add-on to your free space. Besides, you can keep all your daily wear or other essential items in these wardrobes and fit them in the tiniest spaces of your room!

You can either see dust and dirt accumulating over the wardrobe tops, or install a fitted wardrobe in London! Mr. Wardrobe has the best options and a wide range of fitted wardrobes that will be the best fit to fill your room’s tiny spaces! If you are thinking of getting one, check out the costs needed for the same.

Factors Influencing The Cost Of Fitted Wardrobes

If you have a tight budget, then you need to learn about these few aspects that can influence the overall cost of fitted wardrobes! 

  • The size of the wardrobe that you go with will directly influence its prices.
  • The kind of materials will also influence the overall cost. The best quality materials will mean a higher amount of charges for the same.
  • Extra accessories will increase the charges. So, the number of accessories you opt to add to your wardrobe will directly impact the charges.

The Cost Of Fitted Wardrobes In 2023 

Installing a fitted wardrobe is the best way to use up your storage effectively. The cost of fitted wardrobes in London will vary depending on their sizes and designs. Check out the possible rates of fitted wardrobes that you may need to pay for installing one!

  • If you opt for a two-door standard wardrobe, you will find it in the range of £2,200 to £2,800. If you decide to get another door fixed, then the rates will increase from around £2,800 to £3,600.
  • While moving to another huge option, which is of six-door ranges, the prices may vary between £4,500 to £5,000.
  • The three-section sliding wardrobes will cost you somewhere around £3,500 to £4,000. The rates get higher in this category for the design of sliding doors.
  • If you are thinking of accessorizing your wardrobe, so that it gets more efficient, you will have to make some additional costs! You can make a selection of accessories according to your requirements. These can be drawers or shoe racks, hanging rails, and others.
  • For adding hanging rails and drawers, you may need to pay about £120 to £150 each! Apart from that, if you want to opt for a shoe rack, the costs will range from £100 to £120. 
  • In addition to these, if you want to go for mirrors in your fitted wardrobes in London, then that will cost you extra pounds! Depending on the size, the costs can be around £160 to £200!

After finalizing the details and what you choose to add to your fitted wardrobe, the total cost can be determined. Though it may consume some time to reach you, the wait will be worthwhile! Because the efficient storage space is what you are going to love about the fitted wardrobes!

Mr. Wardrobe has the best ranges and designs of fitted wardrobes that will completely amaze you. Get your storage-space-friendly fitted wardrobes today! 


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