How To Fit Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Mr. Wardrobe can make precisely fitted sliding doors for your current wardrobe in one week, transport them to your home, and install them as well. However, some individuals would rather save money by not paying for installation. This is a handbook for such individuals.

Installing a sliding wardrobe door isn’t as difficult as it appears, especially if you know how to use a measuring tape, a saw, and a screwdriver. Because a sliding door usually comes with the running equipment, it’s just a matter of fitting the top and bottom grooves so that the door may be properly positioned.


  • It is critical that you obtain accurate measurements of the area available to you. Otherwise, you could wind up with a sliding wardrobe door that is larger or smaller than you need. Calculate the average width by taking accurate measurements of the top, middle, and bottom widths. From the floor, measure all the way up to the ceiling, leaving a meter between you and the ceiling. When you’re buying a door, mention these dimensions. If you want to install strike plates and other types of wall and floor frameworks, these statistics are much more crucial.
  • When you buy wardrobe doors, they are almost certainly going to come with the running machinery. It should have two tracks, one for the upper and one for the lower. The first thing you’ll need to do is install the higher track in the ceiling area. A wardrobe usually does not go deeper than 640mm into the ridge, however you are free to modify its depth and fit. Determine the required depth and draw a mark on the top track where the cut will be made. Bore a whole a hundred meters from either end of the top track, with a space of roughly 500mm between them. Screw it into place in the ceiling section.
  • The bottom track will be installed next. Simply repeat the measurements, cuts, and other changes as described previously. Do not, however, put it in the base ridge just yet.
  • You must now carefully position one of the two sliding doors so that the higher track fits into the ceiling and the lower track fits into the base crest. Continue to use a spirit level to adjust the door until you feel it is vertical and tight in its position. The bottom track should preferably be positioned a little more than 25mm from the top side, according to the rule of thumb. However, because sliding wardrobe systems differ from one manufacturer to the next, it is usually best to examine personally rather than relying on a textbook. You’ll be able to fit the full door in its proper location now.
  • Use the adjustment screw to ensure that the doors on the bottom wheels run smoothly. You may now operate your sliding wardrobe doors

Things you should keep in mind:

  1. Never try to over tighten the screws. It has the potential to bend the tracks and make them unusable.
  2. If you’re going to use a saw, make sure there’s a block on either side of the upper track to protect the door.
  3. To guarantee that the bottom track runs smoothly, spray it with silicon material.


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