Powerful Reasons To Make Your Life Better With A Built in Custom Fitted Wardrobe

Having a small bedroom or a loft or even a condo can make it difficult for you to have your desired furniture and wardrobes. Have you ever imagined how a built-in custom fitted wardrobe can change your life and fulfil your desires of having beautiful wardrobes in such small spaces. Having a built-in custom fitted wardrobe in London  can miraculously change your way of living and can completely change the look of your smaller rooms or lofts making it way more spacious.

Mr. Wardrobe has brought you the 7 most powerful reasons a custom fitted wardrobe can be the best solution for your favourite rooms, loft areas and condo.

1. The best out of the heights:

Custom fitted wardrobes can get the best out of the heights of your room. If you have taller rooms or loft with downtown ceilings, we have got you covered. With the custom fitted wardrobes you get the most storage out of your small room or loft. Covering the heights from ceiling to floor you get every inch of space without any waste. You can build custom fitted wardrobe around the space straight from the ceiling. You can even cover different angles of your loft ceiling and bring out all that extra storage space which would be left out with ready made ordinary wardrobes.

2. Designed as per your needs:

The best part of custom fitted wardrobes is that you get your wardrobe designed just as you want and as per your needs. Fitting the wardrobes around your bed of having different cabinets for your specific needs or clothing can all come with custom fitted wardrobes where you can ask your designer to make the wardrobes the way you want it to in the space available.

3. Custom designed texture:

Custom fitted wardrobes means you get everything as per your needs and desire. Starting from the length, design, colors, to number of cabinets and the texture of your wardrobes. Besides, the good news is you do not have to spend more for custom designed textures. Everything comes under the quote while planning your budget so everything becomes pocket friendly. You can choose from the laminated textures which will look like real wood or timber look.

4. LED puck lighting:

Darker rooms or lofts with not enough light can leave your wardrobes dark and difficult to see inside the dark corners. However, having a custom fitted wardrobe, you can install Led puck lighting which are rechargeable, or ribbon lights, or any other lighting of your choice to light up the wardrobe from inside. Being custom built, you can install lights in your desired areas, like dark closet storages, drawers, or the shelves.

5. Adds value:

Custom fitted wardrobes in london adds value to your existing home, apartment or loft. There are more instances that people leave their homes or buy a new one because of lack of storage spaces. Custom build wardrobes can bring the most storage out of your house and since it is built on the basis of the design and size of your room, taking into consideration the shape of the ceiling, walls and the space available. Custom build wardrobes are usually maximised to the height of your ceiling so you get complete ceiling to floor space with zero wastage.

6. Free up spaces:

The main objective of a custom fitted wardrobe is to free up spaces out of your small room or attic. In doing so, when the wardrobe is customised to fit well in the wall of your attic it gives you the most space from the area which can be utilised fully without any waste so a lot of space from around the room becomes free and more spacious.

7. Multi task:

The great news is your custom fitted wardrobes can multi task like you! With a well thought and executed custome wardrobe you can get the most out of your custom fitted bedroom wardrobe. For instance, adding a mirror on the door of the wardrobe can make it look like a dressing space. Similarly adding slide out drawers can make space for keeping shoes. Adding valet rods can help you organise your outfits according to use. You can also ask your contractor to add more racks for keeping ties, belts, and scarfs differently and well organised.


Getting custom fitted wardrobes can be a solution to all your storage problems. Using the most out of your small room, loft, or condo may seem dream which can come true with a custom fitted wardrobe. All you need is a contractor who can assure you to provide the best suitable custom built in fitted wardrobe. Mr. Wardrobe can assure you the best fitted custom wardrobes that will provide you with effective storage solutions at affordable prices.

We try to give shape to your custom fitted wardrobe elegant dreams. With the help of our extremely efficient artisans, we create wardrobes according to the space and need of your place. Be it a bedroom, or a living room, ourcustom fitted wardrobes in London will enhance the elegance of your place along with being a complete necessity to keep your things organized.

Make the best use of your space with our Italian- based wardrobes. They come in all themes and shapes. Worrying about your budget? We have a solution for that too. Whatever your budget is, we have custom fitted Wardrobes in London  for every type of budget. So hurry and consult our team without worrying about anything and create your dream interior with us.

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