What Are The Major Consideration, Storage and Style For Fitted Wardrobes in London

We walk you through the factors to consider For Fitted Wardrobes when building a built-in closet, from the advantages and cons of drawers vs hanging space to the proportions you should know.

Measurements to Know

Knowing the basic proportions required for a built-in wardrobe will assist you in better planning your space and maximizing your Fitted Wardrobes.

Shelves/Drawers or Hanging Space?

Is it better to have more shelves and drawers or more hanging space? While this is entirely based on your requirements, it is recommended opting for extra hanging space for added ease. Drawers and shelves, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. These are ideal for storing delicates, nightwear, bed linens, towels, socks, and fashion accessories—anything that won’t fit on a hanger or that you’d rather hide. Knitted sweaters, leggings, and shorts, for example, function well in drawers or shelves. Mix and match different sorts of systems, but consider hanging the majority of your clothing. It’s important not to overcrowd your hanging area if you want it to appear nice.

Wardrobe Ergonomics

Whether you choose sliding or hinged doors, the location of your shelf and drawers will alter in order to maximise access and usage. Shelves and drawers should be positioned to the side of sliding doors. Shelves/drawers should be positioned in the center columns for hinged doors.

Store folded clothing at eye level on open shelves so you don’t have to constantly leaning down to access them. At lower levels, pull-out drawers and trays can be useful. Bulky goods and items that aren’t used very often, such as bed linens or winter clothing, should be stored on open shelves above the hanging space. To avoid dust and forgetfulness, items kept on upper shelves should be put in labelled boxes or organisers.

Open or Closed Concept?

Open or closed wardrobes? While the majority of people prefer closed closets, the open wardrobe style is gaining popularity. You can see all of your clothing at a glance with open wardrobes, which makes getting dressed in the mornings a lot faster. It might also serve as an additional motivation to keep things organised in the wardrobe.

Because there are no doors, open closets are also less expensive. However, if your house is prone to dust, such as if you live near construction sites or have pets, you may want to invest in see-through glass doors to get the open concept appearance while keeping dust at away. If you don’t picture yourself keeping things nice and tidy all of the time, open closets aren’t for you.


Plywood is used to construct most built-in closets because it is strong and can handle heavy items. The main drawback is that the glue used to join these plywood pieces tends to generate a strong odour. To get rid of odours after the remodelling, use odour-absorbing materials like baking soda or activated charcoal. It will take some time for the odours to dissipate.

If you are extremely sensitive to odours or the wardrobe is in your children’s room, Anna recommends using melamine chipboard instead of plywood since the glue used in melamine chipboard generates less odour.


Although light fittings in your built-in wardrobe aren’t always essential, they’re a wonderful method to give your bedroom ambiance. If your closet is in a particularly gloomy region of the room or if you have a large wardrobe, you may want to consider installing light fittings so you can see where everything is.

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